Who ARe We ?

John Shaw Vertretung is a European distributor of sports equipment and is trading in products of all kinds with a relation to sports, leisure time or making life easier.

AROFLY is developed and owned by TBS Group in Taiwan. Many years of Manufacturing experience in the sporting goods industry made of TBS one of the leading Taiwanese developers of excellent products.

The AROFLY experience in the last 4 years has made from TBS a bicycle enthusiast team. We learned hard lessons but with help from users we have improved products to the current standards and we will never give up to improve our products and take them to the next level.

In Europe AROFLY is distributed by JSV (John Shaw Vertretung) based in Germany. We are in close contact with the bicycle enthusiast users of our products and are cyclists ourselves.

Call us if you need us or have questions. To make it easy for you we have added a Whatsapp button for direct contact.

You may also use the contact form below. We will try to answer you ASAP.